Under Armour answers the question on the mind of everyone who’s willing to take training seriously: How many reps does it take to become an athlete? Shot in Tripoli, Lebanon, this intentionally dystopian looking film seeks to explore the solitary mind of an athlete on their journey to reach their personal limits.


Inspired by life hacks, we created a series of ‘how-to’ videos that showed athletes how to turn readily available materials into training equipment. For the hardcore. Nike, Adidas and Reebok can keep their shiny, slick and expensive new toys, because an Under Armour athlete knows it’s their mind that pushes boundaries.


A series of never-ending looped gifs reinforce the mindset that in every Under Armour athlete there is always one more.

Every shoot is the chance to craft something great for the client. And for myself. With so much production equipment, great cast, talented DOP’s, it’s almost impossible, between shots, for me to not have a camera in my hand.

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